Vietnam Airlines arrivals Noi Bai International Airport (HAN)

Vietnam Airlines Hanoi HAN airport arrivals allow to check status of Vietnam Airlines flight arrivals at Noi Bai International Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Hanoi airport is 06:48 AM 2023-05-31

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
VN260 23:15 23:05 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Arrived
VN3507 23:15 (CAN) Guangzhou No Recent Info - Call Airline
VN156 23:40 23:15 (DAD) Da Nang Arrived
VN224 00:10 00:02 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Arrived
VN972 05:30 (BOM) Mumbai In Air
VN18 06:25 06:48 (CDG) Paris In Air
VN36 06:50 06:50 (FRA) Frankfurt In Air
VN204 07:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN206 08:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN186 08:30 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN6006 08:40 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN240 09:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN579 09:35 (TPE) Taipei Scheduled
VN6030 09:40 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN158 09:50 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN1716 09:55 (VII) Vinh Scheduled
VN208 10:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN587 10:25 (KHH) Kaohsiung Scheduled
VN1614 10:25 (PXU) Pleiku Scheduled
VN3585 10:35 10:23 (TPE) Taipei Scheduled
VN6078 10:40 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN1550 10:45 (CXR) Cam Ranh Scheduled
VN3415 10:55 10:29 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
VN244 11:20 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1622 11:30 (UIH) Phu Cat Scheduled
VN1552 11:45 (CXR) Cam Ranh Scheduled
VN56 11:50 (LHR) London In Air
VN166 11:55 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN210 12:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN162 12:20 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN1200 12:25 (VCA) Can Tho Scheduled
VN417 12:30 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
VN6010 12:40 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1572 12:45 (DLI) Da Lat Scheduled
VN427 13:10 (PUS) Busan Scheduled
VN246 13:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN347 13:30 (NGO) Nagoya Scheduled
VN331 13:40 (KIX) Osaka Scheduled
VN311 14:00 (NRT) Tokyo Scheduled
VN610 14:00 (BKK) Bangkok Scheduled
VN1542 14:00 (HUI) Phu Bai Scheduled
VN212 14:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN184 14:20 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN6012 14:35 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1556 14:40 (CXR) Cam Ranh Scheduled
VN1232 14:45 (PQC) Duong Dong Scheduled
VN3509 14:45 (CAN) Guangzhou Scheduled
VN174 15:10 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN248 15:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN164 15:25 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN660 15:40 (SIN) Singapore Scheduled
VN3547 15:45 (SZX) Shenzhen Scheduled
VN6822 15:55 (BKK) Bangkok Scheduled
VN1202 16:05 (VCA) Can Tho Scheduled
VN1574 16:05 (DLI) Da Lat Scheduled
VN168 16:15 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN214 16:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN188 16:45 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN3587 16:50 16:50 (TPE) Taipei Scheduled
VN1640 17:00 (VCL) Chu Lai Scheduled
VN3826 17:10 (REP) Siem Reap Scheduled
VN250 17:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1624 17:15 (UIH) Phu Cat Scheduled
VN1546 17:20 (HUI) Phu Bai Scheduled
VN1650 17:30 (TBB) Tuy Hoa Scheduled
VN252 17:45 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN593 17:45 (HKG) Hong Kong Scheduled
VN1562 17:50 (CXR) Cam Ranh Scheduled
VN614 17:55 (BKK) Bangkok Scheduled
VN6314 17:55 (DLI) Da Lat Scheduled
VN3567 18:00 18:00 (HKG) Hong Kong Scheduled
VN1238 18:05 (PQC) Duong Dong Scheduled
VN216 18:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN531 18:30 (PVG) Shanghai Scheduled
VN172 18:45 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN254 19:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1718 19:30 (VII) Vinh Scheduled
VN385 19:55 (HND) Tokyo Scheduled
VN218 20:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN6018 20:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1544 20:25 (HUI) Phu Bai Scheduled
VN415 20:30 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
VN6094 20:40 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN170 20:45 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN618 20:55 (BKK) Bangkok Scheduled
VN176 21:00 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN1590 21:05 (VDH) Dong Hoi Scheduled
VN258 21:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN786 21:20 (SYD) Sydney Scheduled
VN920 21:30 (VTE) Vientiane Scheduled
VN1564 21:35 (CXR) Cam Ranh Scheduled
VN1206 21:40 (VCA) Can Tho Scheduled
VN3411 21:50 (ICN) Seoul Scheduled
VN220 22:15 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN3493 22:15 (NRT) Tokyo Scheduled
VN178 22:25 (DAD) Da Nang Scheduled
VN6020 22:30 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN1602 22:55 (BMV) Buon Ma Thuot Scheduled