Vietnam Airlines arrivals Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Vietnam Airlines Bangkok BKK airport arrivals allow to check status of Vietnam Airlines flight arrivals at Suvarnabhumi Airport the information including flight delay status, schedule, terminal and gate, delays and cancelations.

Arrival times are given in local time. Current local time at Bangkok airport is 07:27 AM 2023-05-31

No. Scheduled Estimate/Actual Origin Status
VN3760 08:15 08:00 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3914 09:15 09:15 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3920 10:00 09:56 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN601 10:20 10:20 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN3918 10:30 10:30 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN611 10:50 10:50 (HAN) Ha Noi Scheduled
VN3298 11:20 11:20 (TLV) Tel Aviv In Air
VN3978 11:35 11:35 (CNX) Chiang Mai Scheduled
VN3934 11:50 11:45 (KBV) Krabi Scheduled
VN3988 11:50 11:50 (HKT) Phuket Scheduled
VN3924 12:05 12:05 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN605 13:10 13:10 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN6823 13:30 13:30 (HAN) Ha Noi Scheduled
VN3908 14:20 14:25 (HKT) Phuket Scheduled
VN6801 14:40 14:40 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN615 14:45 14:45 (HAN) Ha Noi Scheduled
VN3772 15:50 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3982 16:00 (CNX) Chiang Mai Scheduled
VN3776 16:15 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3992 16:20 (HKT) Phuket Scheduled
VN3932 16:45 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN619 18:05 (HAN) Ha Noi Scheduled
VN607 18:30 (SGN) Ho Chi Minh Scheduled
VN3892 21:25 (CNX) Chiang Mai Scheduled
VN3780 21:30 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3784 22:25 (USM) Ko Samui Scheduled
VN3904 23:25 (HKT) Phuket Scheduled